“Whatever product is involved we will solve your packaging needs”
Elena Vicente
Logistics and Purchasing Director

Fresh food: Cheese (sliced, portions), Sausages, Groceries, Smoked, Fish and Meat.
Dry food: Snacks, Dry Fruits, Noodles, Rice, Chocolates & Wafers, Candy, Coffee, Dehydrated, Diet products
Liquid food: Fruit Juices, Sauces, Soups.

Industrial: Motor Oil and Lubricants, Building Materials, Isolation, etc.
Pet food: Cats and Dogs: dry and wet, bird seeds, fish flakes, etc

Personal Care: Skin Care (Facial Masks, Wet Wipes, Water-Activated Wipes, Moisturizers, Creams, Lotions, Make-up, Sun-Tan lines),  Hair Care (Shampoo, Conditioners, Hair Colouring), Hygiene (Shower Gel, Hair Remover, Deodorants, Shaving Cream), etc.
Home Care: Cleaners, Fabric Softeners, Soaps & Detergents.